Self-published authors and indie publishers are crucial to the book and audiobook ecosystems, but sometimes there are fewer resources to get you started on the path of having your novels made accessible in multiple formats. It's hard to imagine your novel as an audiobook before the process is complete, and not every author or small publisher will have the chance to set up a wide-reaching audition.


If you'd like to hear a sample of your work before you request a book from me, you can do so for free at this form below. I'll record up to a 1,000-word sample of your book and we'll discuss all the options you have for getting the finished project to market. You can share the audio once we've spoken, and you're not obligated to hire me for the book afterwards. I'm even happy to recommend fellow narrators if we decide that I'm not the right voice for your project!

In the form below, just tell me a little about your book, the sample you've submitted, and your vision for the project. I'll follow up with any clarifying questions before recording and will reach out to send you the sample and speak more once it's ready for listening. 

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