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Audie Finalist for Business/Personal Development

Audiofile Magazine on BUILDING A SECOND BRAIN by Tiago Forte

"[...]narrator André Santana delivers a performance that perfectly fits this audiobook. His boyish tone and palpable altruism express the author's ideas with intellectual security that highlights Santana's thinking and suggestions without overselling them."



Audible's Best of the Year: 2022 Debuts
Booklist Starred Review:

"André Santana voices almost all the male characters, notably stalwart Jess [...] and most memorably as elderly Ike, who faces his eponymous hurricane at home while his wife of 52 years is hospitalized.

Audiofile Magazine on THE LAST KARANKAWAS by Kimberly Garza:
"André Santana shines as Jess[...] Together, these rich performances, a chorus of different tones and accents, create a beautiful tapestry of a complicated city and the people who call it home."

August 2022 Must-Listen selection by Apple Books

RUSA 2023 Listen List Selection

Earphones Award for STORIES FROM THE TENANTS DOWNSTAIRS by Sidik Fofana:

"[...]Sidik Fofana and a stand-out cast of performers transport listeners to the Banneker Terrace apartments in Harlem. [...] They're all unforgettable."

Booklist Starred Review:
"Fofana’s exquisite debut is further enhanced by eight pitch-perfect narrators[...] André Santana is heartbreakingly earnest as wannabe hairdresser Darius.

YALSA Top Ten Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults 2023

Audiofile Magazine on THE SUNBEARER TRIALS by Aiden Thomas:

"André Santana narrates this exhilarating audio inspired by Mexican mythology and folklore[...] Santana nimbly captures Teo's cheerful nature and his frustration with the divisions between the children of greater and lesser gods[...] Santana keeps the tension in his narration taut as Teo wrestles with both physical challenges and his own feelings of inferiority."

Featured by the Audio Publishers Association

Audiofile Magazine on MOONFLOWER by Kacen Callender:

"André Santana's haunting performance makes perfect sense for this audiobook[...] Santana gives a strong sense of Moon's feelings of isolation in the face of prejudice and misunderstanding[...] As Moon finds relief in the spirit realm, Santana's dreamy voice deepens and calms as he portrays Wolf, a guide who anchors Moon."


this is our place.jpeg

Audiofile Magazine on THIS IS OUR PLACE by Vitor Martins:

"André Santana provides an energetic voice for a small Brazilian house as it tells the interconnecting stories of its teen inhabitants in three different time periods."

"Santana delineates their individuality through pacing and moderate changes in pitch as the house repeats dialogues that took place within each household. [...] A delightful LGBTQ+ story-- delightfully performed."

Audiofile Magazine on IT CAME FROM THE CLOSET by Joe Vallese [Ed.]:

"André Santana's emotionally attuned narration complements the complex dynamic of twin siblings explored by author Addie Tsai in "Dead Ringers." This compelling production [...] will deepen listeners' engagement with the horror genre.


Audiofile Magazine on AN APPETITE FOR MIRACLES by Laekan Zea Kemp:

"Santana depicts Raul's sadness and worry after his mother's incarceration, release, and descent into depression; the relief he finds in music; and his joy at Danna's admiration of his work."

"Both narrators capture the audiobook's free-verse form, sensory details, and cultural references."

March 2023 Must-Listen selection by Apple Books
Vulture: 8 Great Audiobooks for March 2023

Audiofile Magazine on THE GOLDEN SPOON by Jessa Maxwell:

"Jessa Maxwell's engaging debut novel, narrated in individual sections by a talented ensemble, will especially appeal to those who love reality cooking shows."

"Exceptional performances by each narrator deliver delicious recipes and devious plots. Appetizing listening."

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