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Consultation and Coaching (60 Minutes)

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If you're looking for someone to have a one-off session to coach on your narration or make a plan about the audiobook industry, I would love to meet with you! We can work on anything from your marketing to your delivery in a one hour session. We can dig into your sense of discovery when narrating, connection with the text, and other techniques to move you towards your desired style. We can identify production companies and publishers you're excited to work with, build an outreach plan, and take a number of steps to move your work forward.

You'll complete a form to help me assess what you're looking for. You'll tell me:

  • What topic you'd like to focus on (Narration, Marketing, etc.)
  • What your goals are
  • A perspective you're hoping I'll provide

My mission will be to give you strong and helpful feedback and set you up with everything you need to take your next steps.

Keep in mind that I prefer to offer these sessions as a one-off because my focus is not coaching. For ongoing work I will refer you to other amazing coaches in the industry who have fantastic insight and infrastructure to keep developing with you.

The price is listed at $100, but I'm happy to offer a pay-what-you-can adjustment for anyone who requests it from $75-$125.

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