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​Audiobook Narrator  |  Voice Actor  |  Award-Winner  |  Audie Finalist
He/Him |  NYC

Andre Santana's logo, with a red book full of plants behind the A in his name. below, text reads: on a journey to tell great stories.
A photo of andre santana in a white button up with green palm leaf print as he leans back and smiles wide with his eyes closed.
A photo of andre santana in a white button up with green palm lead print looking slightly at an angle into the camera.


André Santana is a voice actor who loves a good challenge. Born in Brazil and based in New York City, he's an award-winning storyteller with a keen focus on the humanity swelling up from every story. When you hear him read YA romance, or uncover a secret plot in epic sci-fi, you'll find yourself on the journey with him. Recording across several genres, he mines the life in authors' words using his acting experience, his own love of creative writing and spoken word, and his mixed psychology, biology, and sociology degrees that taught him to uncover the complexity in everyone. André's love of media is part of his appeal as an audiobook narrator, whether he's ravenously listening to audiobooks, playing video games, or diving into everything from anime to prestige films. Maybe your book will be the next stop on his journey to tell great stories.

The audio publishers association logo showing four circles with the letters a p a in each, and a play button in the fourth. the full title is written across the bottom.
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