About Me

As a person, I'm many things: Brazilian born and Seattle raised, an ex-vegetarian, Black and non-binary, a fountain of summer camp counselor energy, and an enthusiast for all kinds of media. My journey to living in New York City took me through the Berkshires and upstate New York where I first obtained my Bachelor's degree in psychology and biosocial studies then worked as a dean's assistant for diversity, equity, and inclusion. When not in my booth recording for dubs, video games, or animation, I'm either prepping my next audiobook or working my daytime career as a recruiter in the education industry. I'm blessed to have dabbled in event programming, started an earring collection, written and performed poetry for over a decade, and picked up knitting, all by the age of 25! Voice acting isn't just a career for me—it's about my love for storytelling—and I do my best to bring humanity to my performances and lean into the writer's intentions in every script.

These days, I'm working on books that I love and always on the search for something new! I continue to serve on committees for both the Professional Audiobook Narrators Association and the Audio Publishers Association, and serve as a mentor in the APA's DEI Mentorship program. Find me at home prepping my next contemporary young adult title or buckling in to take off recording an epic space novel!


If you're interested in working with me, here are some skills I can bring to your project:

Languages: American English (Fluent), Brazilian Portuguese (Proficient), Latin American Spanish (Conversational)
Accents: American (Standard, Southern), South African, General Swahili, British (Neutral, RP, London), & flexible with learning light American, Latine, Pan-African, European, and faux-fantasy accents.

Primary Vocal Range: My main character range includes ages 10-40 and leans near tenor with masculine and androgynous sounding characters. My secondary character range, especially for audiobooks, is extensive. Reach out if you'd like to learn more!

Home Studio

To match my performances, I also bring a quality recording space to my voiceover work:

Booth: Studiobricks One Vo Edition
Mic: Rode NT1
Studio Channel: Presonus
Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Gen
DAW: Adobe Audition
Editing: Izotope RX 8 Standard
Remote Tools: Source Connect, ZOOdubs

I'm also available for in-studio recording in NYC with advance notice. Let's talk about scheduling!



The drives behind my acting work started with skirmishes through improv alongside years of spoken word poetry and public speaking experiences. When I decided that those backgrounds plus my degree in psychology could only inform my performances so much, I learned from some amazing narrators, voice actors, and casting directors:

Audiobook Courses Acting for Audio (Joel Froomkin), The Great Audiobook Adventure (Elise Arsenault)
Audiobook Coaching - Emily Woo Zeller, Carol Monda, PJ Ochlan
Audiobook Mentorship - APA Mentorship (Hope Newhouse)
Animation Coaching - Brian Mathias
Commercial Coaching - Gina Scarpa
Commercial VO Workshop
- Carin Gilfrey, Lisa Fischoff & Stacy Seidel
Political VO Workshop - Maria Pendolino
ADR VO Workshop - Anthony Rodriguez
Video Game Workshop - Brent Mukai
Accent Training - South African (PJ Ochlan), British (Nicola Sievertson)