My adventure started in Salvador, Brazil, which I left at a young age with my immediate family. We moved constantly, shuffling all across the city and building a communtiy as we went along. While I held onto my Portuguese growing up in Seattle, I entered a brand new world during my decade in the Pacific Northwest. 


At 16, I dropped out of high school and moved to the Berkshires for college. The academic years of my life were extensive and intensive, and I walked away with a Bachelor's in Psychology & Biosocial Studies. Other than the people I met, my favorite part of those years was my thesis on queer identity formation, which propelled me into Diversity, Equity, and Identity work. Writing about identity academically has maintained an ongoing journey and helped me understand my relationships to gender, race, and the world around me. 


After college, I served two years in higher education, building policy, training faculty, and running programs as a Dean's Assistant. The world becomes so much bigger when you watch people you care about grow, and when I grew out of this role I moved down the Hudson River into New York City. Since 2019, I've spent my days working full-time as a recruiter hiring teachers for dozens of schools. 

Like many people, voice acting came to me in 2020 as I worked from home. My informal background in improvisation, sporadic experiences with theatre, and extensive love affair with spoken word poetry melded together during an audiobook listening spree in the winter of 2020. The turnaround was fast! I bought my equipment in May and I booked my first novel in June. I learned a tremendous amount on that project, regrouped, and dove in again in the spring of 2021. On the second round, I found community, and what I learned from my peers in the Voice Acting community has thrown me much deeper into the world of audiobooks. Now, I love voice acting more than I ever have before.

What am I up to now?

Currently, I work with publishers of all sizes and self-published authors as well. Thanks to some wonderful collaborations, I'm set to narrate several books for the amazing team and talent at Cinnabar Moth Publishing over the next few years. By the end of 2021, you can expect new titles from me ranging across space opera, contemporary fiction, multi-world fantasy, and a queer magic period piece among others! Additionally, I'm expanding across voice-over, including into video games and other genres (keep an eye out for annoucnements)!


I'm excited to keep having fun, to keep falling in love with characters and stories, and to learn more and improve as time goes on. If you have any questions for me, you can reach out via the contact form! To stay in touch with me on social media, click the book illustration on the top left and scroll down to find my account links.