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Pixies in the Mist

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Jake has just moved to Japan, and while not everything is lining up as expected, he has a vision, and he's hopeful. He's taking Japanese classes and going out salsa dancing, and just waiting for that one experience that's going to push him in the right direction. And then he gets pushed by Kenneth, a pixie who is working undercover to track people with emerging magical abilities. And Jake, despite knowing so little about magic, has quite a lot of power growing inside him. And while he tries to push his world forward, he inadvertently starts to pull on the magical. What will Kenneth have to do to keep his blossoming powers in check?

Before We Disappear

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Jack is working as the assistant to a magician named The Enchantress when they suddenly have to flee Europe. Together, they head towards the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition in Seattle. At the same time, Wilhelm is committing robberies for Teddy, who's been keeping him as his prisoner for years. Unlike Jack and The Enchantress, Wilhelm's magic is real and Teddy intends to make use of that at the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition. The two magicians compete for audiences, but Jack and Wilhelm are discovering and entirely different kind of magic. A novel from Harper Collins by Shaun David Hutchinson.



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  • Unannounced // Podcast, Under Production

  • Unannounced // Radio Commercial, Under Production

  • Unannounced // Podcast, Under Production

  • Unannounced // Original Cartoon, Under Production

  • Unannounced // UN Style Dubbing, Under Production

  • Narrator - Various Titles // Learning Ally, Under Production

  • Protagonist - Recursive Ruin // Video Game, September 2021, Created by: Curtist McKinney

  • Whispers - Mute // Short Film, Under Production, Directed by Steffi Zachariadis

  • Original Submission - A Moment of Your Time // Podcast, May 2021, Produced by: Curtco Media

  • Cam - "Hey, You've Reached..." // Audio Drama, May 2021, Directed by: Jordan Miles

  • Tyson - Adrian The Alpaca and Justin // Animation, Under Production, Directed by: Joseph Flowers

  • Moth - Killed on Sight // Animation, April 2021, Directed by: Brandon Vancour

  • Chorus/Various Characters - Club Leather Queen // Staged August 2019, Written by: Naomi Harris

  • Coach Brooks - Wounded Skyes // Staged May 2017, Written & Directed by: Naomi Harris

  • Grigory Stepanovich Smurnov - Bear // Staged Nov 2013, Directed by: Bethany Geiger

  • John Darling - Peter Pan // Staged 2007