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The services below do not relate to hiring me as a voice actor. If you're interested in connecting for a VO project, you can just reach out to me!

While my love of storytelling has led me to pursue a career in voiceover, I've spent years working in higher education, recruitment, diversity & equity, and the arts. Bringing together the skills and experiences I've accumulated across these spaces is one of my favorite things to do!

Below, you'll get some context about working with me and learn about some of the expertise I have. Feel free to reach out via the contact form if you're looking for something that doesn't fit into the contexts below!


Standard Writing Services


The writer services below have been created with artists and members of the voice acting community in mind. That being said, if you're coming from any industry and interested in one of the services below, I still have a lot to offer and would be happy to hear from you!


Other Services: Presentations

Below, you'll find more information about my expertise and what additional services I can provide. If you're interested in any of the services below, please reach out and share details about what you're looking for. I've offered these services in contexts ranging from higher education to office settings and would love to create or adapt these offerings to your needs. Reference the descriptions below for any additional details that would be helpful to send along with your outreach!

More Writing Services:

  • I've been writing poetry, fiction, research, and public communications for over a decade! Having a strong understanding of various types of writing strengthens my ability to draw out unique and specific voices that also clearly align with precedents set in the genre. 

  • If you would like a variation on one of the services offered above, feel free to reach out with details so I can send you a quote. 

  • Similarly, if you'd like to commission another type of writing service, please send me details about what you'd like to order.


  • I have a long history with public speaking, one that started with battling my own fears of taking the stage and has resulted in an approach to public speaking and speech writing that feels relatable and drives home core messages.

  • I have broad sets of expertise and can deliver existing presentations or create my own on a number of topics ranging from the arts, recruitment, identities (race, gender, sexuality), professional development, mentorship & youth development, and more!

  • Please share with me the main topic, date & timing of the presentation, what the goals of the session are, whether it's part of an overarching program, and information about your budget range. 

  • I'm available to present online and in New York City and can discuss travel arrangements if you're interested in having me present somewhere else.


  • If you're interested in hosting a training, an involved conversation, a panel, or other experience with a structure or formula, I'd love to participate!

  • I've been running workshops, leading training sessions, moderating panels, and guiding discussions since 2014. These interactive spaces are learning spaces, and that's where I shine when connecting with people. I've hosted workshops on race and identity, led resume-building workshops for students, trained hiring committee members, and so much more.

  • Please share what topic and format you'd like for the event, your goals for the session, and what you hope I'll contribute by participating in or leading this program. If you're able to share the honorarium rate or budget, that'd be great as well.

Diversity & Equity:

  •  For most of my professional life, I've been involved in diversity and equity work and understand it's crucial for creating a thriving culture in any community or organization. My academic focus in college was identity development, which I studied through the scope of psychology, biology, and sociology. I've hosted dozens of workshops, created materials for various organizations, and lead challenging conversations with children, teenagers, new adults, and experienced staff.

  • Together, I'd love to outline the scope of what you're looking to assess or accomplish and talk about what might be best. If you need a thought partner, would like to host a one-off event or want to outline an ongoing collaboration, I'd love to be in contact.

  • We can start with a no-cost assessment conversation. Reach out, tell me about the work you'd like to do and the budget you have available, and we can get going from there!

Organizations & Structures:

  • Between working in recruiting for four years and working in diversity and equity for five, I've collected a number of skills and resources for creating strong organizational culture. We can work on culture, recruitment, retention, managerial relationships, or creating systems & materials, and together we can identify other ways to improve experiences and outcomes. 

  • We can start with a free conversation to assess your needs and build a plan. Please reach out with information about your organization, what your goals are, and the budget you have available.

More Options:

  • If there are other ways you'd like to work with me, just reach out! Please tell me about your goals, budget, and what you'd want me to contribute.

Other Services: More Writing Services
Other Services: Workshops
Other Services: Diversity & Equity
Other Services: Organizations & Structures
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