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Custom Audiobook Demo Manuscript (3-5 Minutes)

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Sometimes, you struggle to find the right sample that's going to help you highlight a skill or break into a new genre. With some information about what you're hoping to create, I can write a customized 3-5 minute audiobook sample that fits your needs and helps you stand out.

If you're searching for a middle grade sample with stand-out characters to show your range, or a mysterious scene to highlight the tension you can create with your voice, or a beautiful literary fiction to underscore your ability to supplement prose, we can create one together!

You'll complete a form to help me assess what you're looking for. You'll tell me:

  • The specific genre you want a sample in
  • Which narration skills you want to highlight in the sample
  • What your overall goal is with the sample

You'll receive back:

  • A sample that's all yours - no crediting necessary
  • 450-750 words depending on your needs
  • Clarifications as needed to help you maximize the text
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