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Live Biography Writing Session (60 Minutes)

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Writing a bio can be hard, but the best way to write a strong one is to write it in your voice. When you schedule a session with me, we'll spend an hour working together to identify a theme and craft your bio according to your personality and needs.

You can also bring an existing bio you've written, and we can use the time to review it and set next steps for you to make further updates.

During our hour together, I'll coach you through edits of your outline or existing bio to help you move towards your goals, feel more confident about the content you include, and build your voice into the writing so people reading your biography feel more connected to you overall.

What you'll bring to the session:

  • An existing biography or notes and goals for writing a new one
  • An understanding of how you want to convey yourself
  • An attitude of collaboration and reflectiveness

What you'll receive:

  • A fleshed-out first draft or edited biography refined to your needs
  • A sense of theme and/or personality injected into your biography
  • One round of feedback and final edits following implementation of next steps set in the writing session
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